Who are we?

L. MILLER, a student-led brand based in NYC under the creative direction of Lucas Miller (Age 18, Studying at Parsons School of Design), strives to seamlessly integrate bespoke tailoring with technical wear through a modern perspective. We aim at merging high-performance textiles with naturally sourced interlinings, carefully hand-stitched to ensure durability and longevity. L. MILLER prioritizes functionality over fashion, treating apparel as a crucial intermediary between the wearer and their surrounding environment. While design aesthetics are integral to our creative process, the main focus remains on the protective, regulatory, and storage functions of our garments. Our design philosophy centers on garment proportions that naturally draw attention to the face, your most expressive feature.

Each piece is crafted in-house upon order to cater to individual client specifications, with a standard production timeline of over 10 business days. We offer extensive customization options for various elements like notions, closures, and linings, tailored to each client's preferences. These options are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are detailed in the descriptions of each item.

  • L. MILLER is rooted in small batch production. Our garments are crafted in limited quantities, which is the reason for frequent "sold out" banners. This approach drives innovation by allowing us to dedicate our resources to developing fresh designs rather than mass-producing existing ones.

  • Every garment is individually cut and sewn upon request, reducing waste and environmental impact by eliminating excess inventory and minimizing financial strain. We strive to price our goods as close as possible to the combined cost of raw materials and labor, considering that they are entirely handmade.

  • We are dedicated to maintaining transparency throughout our supply chains, recognizing that opacity can enable poor working conditions and environmental exploitation. By openly sharing information about our suppliers and sourcing practices, we ensure accountability for the materials used in crafting our products.

  • All of our garments are proudly manufactured in-house in the USA, with our studio locations varying seasonally. While primarily based in the Parsons Making Studios in Manhattan, we also operate out of Boston, MA at times.

  • Our commitment extends beyond creating durable, high-quality pieces. We take responsibility for finding sustainable solutions for each garment beyond its initial use, whether through consignment or fiber recycling.

  • To discuss personalized alterations to our products, please reach out to us at contact@lmiller.clothing. As a small label, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to accommodate most customization requests.